Butler Supply Southwire SimPull Reels

We've Reinvented The Reel....

Butler Supply can now customize your reels with a variety of time and labor saving options from Southwire. Contact Garrett Sneed for more details and to schedule a demo of how our unique reels and pulling supplies from Southwire can help you save hours of labor on your next job.

Reel & Pulling Solutions from Bulter Supply & Southwire

Butler Supply SimPull Stack


Southwire's SIMpull Stack Reel allows you to combine multiple pulls on one single reel. That's right, ONE REEL with up to 5 phases, for up to 4 pulls, depending on the size of the cable and length of the pull. And, as always, we can label each reel with a specific location, so when you receive it on the job site it's easy to see where it goes. For multiple runs in a pull, just remove the shrink wrap, pull the first run, then pull the seconds, third and so on, without ever having to set-up additional reels.
  • Reduces scrap and clean-up by reducing the number of reels on a job
  • Speeds up installation time.
  • Reduces the risk of injury from moving and setting up multiple reels.
  • Each segment can be cut-to-length and is separated with shrink-wrap between each layer.
  • SIMpull Head pulling grips are attached to each cut length and each circuit, all wrapped in a protective covering. Just attach the pull rope using a clevis and pull.
  • Easy to read tagging allows you to quickly identify the make-up of each individual circuit contained on the SIMpull Stack Reel.
Butler Supply SIMpull Pulling Grips

SIMpull HEAD Pulling Grips

Safety, time and reliability certainly come into play when making up a pulling head in the field. Approximately 3 feet or more of cable, on every phase, is wasted, not to mention the time and clean up. Order your cables with factory installed SIMpull Head pulling grips that arrive already on the cable. Guaranteed NOT TO PULL OFF during installation. The low profile, staggered design of the heads assure that it fits into the conduit, especially on tight turns. There's almost no chance of an injury from making up a pulling head in the field and, there's virtually no waste or clean up on the paralleled cables, cut-to-length with factory installed pulling grips. Just set up the reel, hook on your rope with a clevis and pull. It's that simple. The heads are cut off after the pull and can be recycled.
Butler Supply SimPull Flange

SIMpull Flange

The SIMpull Flange's patented shaft-less design, safely allows one person to turn a wooden or plastic reel into a time saving, field install-able solution that reduces the need to handle heavy jack stands. Each flange rotates independently, and allows free movement of loaded wooden or plastic reels. The SIMpull Flange is reusable in the field and can be installed on multiple reels throughout the job site.


  • Independently rotating flanges.
  • Patented shaft-less design.
  • 104lb tare weight per flange set.
  • Comparable with wooden or plastic reels up to 34" and 2,000lbs w/ a 3 arbor.
  • Includes magnetic chocks.
  • Will fit through 36" doorways when used with a 32" or smaller reel.
  • Allows inner wooden or plastic reel to rotate freely.
  • Compatible with most commercial and residential reels.
Butler Supply SimPull Reel


The SIMpull Reel revolutionizes the jobsite by allowing one person to safely move a reel on flat surfaces that weighs up to 6,000 lbs., without the need of pallet jacks or other equipment.


  • Independently rotating outer flanges.
  • Separately rotating inner reel.
  • Integral magnetic reel chocks.
  • Integral payoff tension adjustment.
  • 6,000 lbs. maximum load capacity
  • Available in two sizes-
    51"H x 32"W
    61"H x 32W
  • Can be used with colored feeder wire, cord, MV and CU & AL SIMpull Products

Butler Supply Reel & Pulling Solutions from Southwire