Do you have credit terms with Butler Supply? 

Do you wish to access your invoices, purchase, check pricing and product availability?

Butler Supply can provide you with the solutions you need to streamline processes and save you time. Self-Service is designed to make your job easier and  to streamline transactions, and keep your company supplied with the most current information.

Purchase online at at your customer specific pricing, check product availability, access product spec sheets and more. We're open 24/7 online to serve you!
Our invoice portal allows you to easily download and import all of your invoices to your favorite accounting software. Streamlining the daunting task of keying them in yourself.
Self-Service enables you to easily allow multiple employees to purchase on your Butler Supply account online. Account managers can add and remove employees at anytime.

How to Sign Up?

Follow the link below to go to our sign up page!

Once receiving the form, we will load your pricing, invoices, and set up your managerial account with usernames and passwords.