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Germicidal UV as a Disinfectant? Believe it.

Cooper Lighting Solutions’ NEW germicidal UV disinfection solutions take the guesswork out of disinfecting, getting the job done quickly and effectively.

Microbes don’t stand a chance with Cooper Lighting Solutions new germicidal UV disinfectant. This fast, trusted and effective germicidal UV disinfect works in a lot of spaces, including restrooms, workspaces, food services, labs, offices, hospitality and retail. Interested in how it works? This video from Cooper Lighting breaks down the science and applications behind this customized solution

GUV Solutions - How Lights Can Remove Germs

Fail-Safe GUV Disinfecting Lighting Solutions 

Butler Supply GLR

GLR -UV Germicida  Louvered Recessed

The GLR Germicidal UV Louvered Recessed series combines the aesthetics of a louvered fixture with the disinfecting power of Germicidal UV lamp technology.

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  • Available in 2' x 2' and 2' x 4'
  • Aesthetics allow installation in a wide range of applications
  • Designed to use 3 germicidal UV lamps to maximize disinfecting capability
Butler Supply GSL

GSL -UV Germicidal UV Striplight

The GSL Germicidal UV Striplight Series is a narrow strip family using the latest in Germicidal UV lamp technology.

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  • Available in 1-lamp and 2-lamp configurations
  • Can be surface mounted or suspended
  • Optional wireguard to protect lamps from damage
  • Optional reflectors for optical control
Butler Supply GSL

GH Germicidal UV Highbay

The GH Germicidal UV High Bay Series is designed for large area UV disinfection. It accommodates 6 or 8 germicidal UV lamps using the latest in Germicidal UV lamp technology.

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  • Can be used at lower mounting heights for rapid disinfection
  • Can be used at higher mounting to disinfect a larger surface area
  • Excellent solution for use in disinfecting retail and custom chambers
Butler Supply GUC

GUC Germicidal UV Undercabinet

The GUC Germicidal UV Undercabinet Series is a low profile design and uses the latest in Germicidal UV lamp technology.

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  • Available in 2’ and 4’ lengths
  • Front face to keep germicidal energy on workspace
  • Custom designed reflector to maximize germicidal energy output
Butler Supply GTR

GTR Germicidal UV Troffer Recessed

The GTR Germicidal UV Troffer Recessed Series is an open design to maximize germicidal disinfection in grid ceiling applications for maximum disinfection coverage.

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  • Available in 2' x 4' with 4-lamp and 6-lamp options
  • Compatible with standard grid ceilings
  • Optional drywall kit and surface mount boxes
  • Optional wireguard door

How To Order?

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