Checking a products inventory level with has never been easier. All 13,000 + Stock Items now have their live inventory online. Need to know if the item you are looking for is in stock at your local branch? Navigate to and search for a product. Once you have found the product, you will see two inventory levels for that product.

The first is “Available within 1-2 Business Days”.

The Quantity “Available within 1-2 Business Days” is the total amount of that product available at all Butler Supply locations including the one you selected. The “QTY Available Today” level is the inventory level for that product at your currently selected branch.

“View Stock Levels Across All Locations” This link allows you to view the inventory level for that product at all of our branches. automatically geo-locates non myButlerSupply customers to their closest Butler Supply branch. Whereas myButlerSupply customers have the branch they selected as their home branch automatically chosen for them. To change your branch selection, choose the branch from the drop down at the top of the page.